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Hunt. Protect. Survive.

Last Shrine is a 2D side-scrolling dungeon crawler action adventure set in a fantasy world for PC. Your goal is to survive the onslaught of enemies and reach the final area to defeat the boss. 

This is an alpha build of the game. There are a lot of contents missing but we still have approximately 3 months of production time, so here's a raw build for you guys to try it out! :D

Do keep in mind that we are aware of the followings that should be in the game but due to time constraints, we couldn't make it in time :( - 
- Level background
- Sound
- Shop and Inventory UI
- Moveset variants
- Item drops and chest loots

Is it bad? Is it good? Somewhere needs improvement? Got an awesome suggestion? What do you think about the game? Take some time to answer our feedback form!


Alternatively, you can drop us an email at trifactagames@gmail.com 


W: Move Left

D: Move Right

Spacebar: Jump

Double Tap W/D: Dash left/right

J: Weak attack

K: Strong attack

Install instructions

1. Download Last Shrine.rar

2. Extract to your file destination.

3. Make sure that the _Data file is together with the .exe file.

4. Enjoy! :D


Last Shrine.rar 13 MB

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